Marble Stone Slabs & Tiles For Residential Tiling

Marble is an exquisite stone that embodies the beauty of nature. There are no two pieces of marble that are alike, each piece has its own uniqueness. With its beautiful veining and patterns, it is sure to capture attention in any application.

A durable, elegant countertop that will last a long time with proper maintenance, marble is an excellent choice. It is a very hard, durable stone. It is recommended that it be sealed with Stone Preserve sealer when installed and re-sealed every 6 months. Wiping a marble countertop with a damp cloth will keep it clean. Cleaning up spills quickly will minimize any “beauty marks” caused by usage. It can potentially stain, etch and scratch, but you can use coasters and protective matts to minimize these incidents from happening.There are products to remove stains. A honed marble (vs. polished) is easier to maintain by using a poultice, which you can do yourself. You can have your marble professionally buffed or polished, or you can leave new marks to add to the stone’s natural layer.

Marble Stone Slabs & Tiles For Commercial Tiling

Marble, with its wonderfully unique patterns and colors promise to provide any space unsurpassed elegance. From floors to walls, structural columns and staircases, designers and contractors choose marble. It’s durable, strong, and fire resistant, retains its value and has lasting beauty. Marble compliments classic and timeless to modern contemporary architecture, and makes the perfect choice for a new construction or renovation projects. If you’re looking for elegant and classy, we have just the marble you need for you’re for commercial building and remodeling projects. We will be happy to show your clients our marble slabs and tile and explore the endless possibilities that we offer.