Travertine Stone Slabs & Tiles For Residential Tiling

Travertine is a natural stone that has a natural quiet beauty shaped by the unique features of each piece. Travertine is only then formed when water deposits from rivers, lakes, geysers and ground water supplies erode the limestone until it gathers its distinct patterns. These beautiful patterns are caused by organic compounds decaying and iron deposits eroding. The romans used travertine for building temples, the Coliseum and a great variety of their architectural wonders. Travertine has a subtle elegance which lends it an old-world charm, from rustic to refined. This natural stone brings unique warmth to kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms. Travertine tiles are one of the most popular stone tiling options today. Whether you choose to install travertine as wall tiles or floor tiles, the installation process is similar. In both instances, we can help you to design and plan how you will want to lay out the tiles beforehand.

Travertine Stone Slabs & Tiles For Commercial Tiling

Each piece of travertine has its own natural texture and pattern, bringing a unique look to commercial natural stone design. Contractors, designers and architects use travertine on countertops, walls and flooring, as well as, exterior spaces and hardscape accents. Travertine tile is perfect for high traffic areas and complements any architectural design from rustic to contemporary.

We offer a wide variety of travertine floor tiles, natural stone slabs great for countertops and more! Travertine tile and natural stone slabs bring unique warmth to kitchen floors, countertops, living spaces, and bathroom floors and vanities. Travertine has very interesting patterns and exists in tan, white, and cream-colored varieties. Travertine tile has a subtle elegance with lends it an old-world charm, from rustic to refined. Travertine has a quiet natural beauty shaped by the unique features of each tile or slab.

Travertine is a favorite stone used in both ancient and modern architecture. You will often see it as fa�ades, wall cladding, and flooring. The ancient Romans used travertine to build temples and the Coliseum, and many other great architectural wonders.

Travertine makes for a wonderful natural stone option used for garden paths and home patios. Installers may use grout to fill the natural holes in travertine, whereas others may leave them naturally open – travertine can be purchased “filled” or “unfilled” as well as with a polished shiny finish. Check out our selection of travertine tile for all your flooring and tile design needs.